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In 2012 two sawmill explosions rocked the province of British Columbia. Four workers were killed, others were seriously injured by the inferno. The workers complained about the accumulation of flammable wood dust, WorkSafeBC declared the accident preventable, but today no one has been charged with criminal negligence for the killings.

Families and survivors want answers.

The Coroner's Inquest adjourned indefinitely after the court learned that some of the parties withheld crucial information from the jury and the public. 

The questions remain: What caused the explosion? Why did the policies and practices that are supposed to protect workers fail to do so? Why were the investigations so badly botched?

Dear Premier Clark,

When the Babine and Lakeland sawmills exploded, killing 4 workers, injuring 44 and leaving lasting scars on family and community members, you promised answers to ensure such a tragedy never happened again.

It is now clear that only a public inquiry into both sawmill explosions will provide the answers that everyone affected by this horrific event deserves.

I ask that you honour your commitment to family members of those who were killed or injured, and all British Columbians, by calling a public inquiry into the Babine and Lakeland sawmill explosions, and the botched investigations by WorksafeBC.

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